Sunday, May 6, 2012

They turned FOUR.

And then I had three FOUR year olds.
I really do plan on blogging more.
Just trying to blog on the {SIG} blog,
sew, take care of kids, keep the house
semi clean, keep up with jogging, and stay sane.

How to do all that, I am not sure.
Since February, so many things have happened.
Enough that I probably can't write it all down without
having help from some photos.

We took another trip up to La Escondida.
I went solo with the kids.
My first road trip with them.
Daddy had to work all weekend.

Luckily, we had Tio, Tia, Wild Bill, Abu, & Meme
to help through the weekend.

Picnic down by the little pond proved to be great fun!

Below...Ian & Happy.
Since meeting Happy, Ian has called every other
subsequent "pet" (snail, lizard, etc) Happy.
Happy & Ian have bonded for life.

The kids had a great playdate w/ their bestie, Malina.
She is in Gabi & Ian's class but all 3 love her to pieces!

Then we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week.
We were "WILD" about our teachers all week long!

Did I mention they turned FOUR?
Yeah, they did.
Can't say I am too sad about saying goodbye to the threes.
Although I am sad that my babies are growing up.
We decided to keep the party low key, family only and
the kids good friends (one big family) so they had a
few friends over to celebrate.

It may be hard to top March.
It was a great month!
And let's see if I can keep up with this damn blog.


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ADEEYA said...

Happy birthday triplets :)