Wednesday, March 14, 2012

February at a glance...

Time really does fly.
Don't let anyone tell you differently.
Is it really already half way through March?

I will turn 37 tomorrow.
My babies will be FOUR on the 31st.
And the last year is GONE.

Don't know exactly where it went.
But it did.
I can't say I will miss the 3's that much.
They were pretty terrible, haha!

Bring on the fours.
Bring on 4 year old preschool.
Bring on self sufficiency.

I can't wait!
My babies are no longer babies.
And they surely aren't toddlers.

Here is a glance of what our February was like..

Valentine's Day.

Then we had Go Texan Day at the school.
Their first time on a pony!
And I believe they loved every single second!

Oh, that's not all.
After all, Dr. Seuss had a birthday on March 2nd.
But since the kids were not in school on that Friday,
they got to dress up the whole week & celebrate with friends!

I could go on forever but I am trying to catch up.
Maybe in the next day or 2 there will be another post.


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Renee said...

your kids are so cute! lots of fun clothes :)