Thursday, January 19, 2012

50's Sock Hop

To celebrate the 50th day of preschool, the kids had a 50's Sock Hop.
We were told they needed to wear something that had 50 items on it,
the number 50 or they could dress the part of a 50's sock hopper.

Now, ya know I sew.
My rep at the kids' school means I had to come up w/ something cute.
After all, I do make them outfits for every occassion.

So that meant finding an easy & cute poodle skirt tutorial.
And coming up w/ Ian's "James Dean" look.
The kids were soooo excited!

It was hard to keep them still for any type of photo.

Tell me this little "James Dean" isn't the cutest EVA!?!

I love this shot b/c the girls are looking at their hands.

Miss Gabi was all prim & proper w/ her cute feet crossed!

And Miss Sofi, not happy about having her photo taken alone.
She wanted Gabi in it w/ her.

Miss Christi wanted a photo of them all w/ their thumbs up, Fonzy style!
I absolutely LOVE it!

Can't wait for PJ day next week.
That means I will have extra time in the morning, haha!


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Samantha said...

Awesome, Astrid! Wish I had your talent!