Sunday, January 8, 2012

Peace out 2011!

2011 is done & gone.
I don't know how I went from Halloween until now w/o posting.
Well, ok...I know how but not gonna go there.

So for those of you wondering how triplet life is going,
the lack of blogging should explain it all.
I use to wonder why blogs died out at about 2 yrs old.

Blogs of triplet mommas that is.
Now I get it.

They are a handful.
Terrible 2s...nope.
Terrible 3s...yep.

Independence, yep.
Fighting each other like a good ol' street fight, yep.
Voicing their opinion, yep.
Doing the opposite of what we say, yep.
Wanting 3 different things at the same time, yep.

The list could go on & on but at the same time,
there are many positives that happen.

They love school.
Adore it.
They have friends besides one another.
They use their manners there & are praised by the teachers.
Wish they would use more manners at home, haha!

They love to try to dress themselves.
Of course, that means several clothing changes a day.
OMG, the laundry is out of control.

Their imaginations run wild.
It is so neat to hear them play when they become different people.

The kisses and hugs.

And in case you wonder what the cuties look like,
these were taken at the beginning of November.
{yep, by me although Candace did an awesome job}

And here are some individual shots!

Miss Gabi...always a joy!

I was lucky to get this shot. sweet!

One day Ian is going to kill me, isn't he?
But until then, he looks sooooo dapper!

Life continues.
A bit differently than before.
Maybe this is really the hardest part of raising triplets.
The 3's have been a challenge.

Hoping that the 4's are as magical as they say they are.
And, maybe I'll have a bit more time to blog.



Renee said...

I would agree 3s are the hardest. So far, all of my kids have been most challenging at 3! Even my 15 year old! Hang in there. Your kids are looking fabulous! :)

Angie said...

LOVE the pics! and nice to see a post from you! Hang in there!