Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grrrr...& the fever broke the straw on the camel's back.

Yeah, so besides having to deal w/ all the intense emotions of my mother's surgery & Mamama going back to Argentina, Ian has to go get a fever. Really? Seriously? Tonight is going to be a long night. Every 3 hrs w/ Tylenol/Advil rotation since he has a history of seizures.

I was hoping we would get through January. At least through January. Last January is when everything happened to Ian & call me silly but I've had enough w/ January & illnesses. I had my share in 2009 & now here we are dealing w/ a fever & unknown issue in 2010.

I'm trying to be a good sport. Really, I am. I know we will get through it & put another notch on our belt. So, rather than continuing the pity party, I am going to share some really cute pics! Oh, if you have a prayer or 2 to spare, it would be appreciated!

Pssst...these are all on my new camera. Love the new camera!

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Amanda said...

I have a prayer or two.... wishing you luck and hope that his fever is better now.