Friday, January 29, 2010

At least it was a mild illness...or something.

Wednesday night was the ONLY night w/ a fever. Not sure if the unseasonably warm weather that caused weeds to start growing & pollen to go through the roof or if he caught a little virus, what ever the reason, we survived yet another fever w/ Ian.

We are hoping that his body has finally learned how to fight viruses & such w/o freaking out. It is good to know we have made it through all this & are still in one piece. Albeit, sleep deprived & cranky but alive & well.

I promise a longer post, eventually. Until then, how about some more cute pics?


Adi said...

does he have all his teeth in? could it have been a teething fever??

Miranda said...

Oh thank heavens Astrid. I am so glad your little man is a-ok again.

Surviving Triplets said...

I don't think he has any teeth coming in. It would be the 2 yr molars & there is no swelling or any other sign. I think that the issue was our unseasonably warm weather & allergies.