Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pink Eye :(

Well, seems like you can get pink eye from out of nowhere! It all started yesterday afternoon. Gabi was in her swing & when we went to get her out there was the yellowish-green gook (for lack of a better word) that was oozing out. I can't remember exactly what it was like when I had gotten pink eye so here I was freaking out b/c she had this crap coming out of both eyes, was fussy & would start crying anytime we walked under a light. I was sure she was going to lose her eye sight! I called our ped's office & was able to get in to the after hours office at 8:20pm. Thank God for TX Children's Pediatrics!

It didn't take Dr. Worrall (who happens to be a friend of my inlaws) a second to say "pink eye" & what a bad case. I swear, her eyes were fine an hour before it all started happening! I can't believe how fast it happens. Gabi seems to be the one that gets everything. It's ok though, we got to weigh her again. She is 11lb 14oz & very healthy. No issues w/ her ears which normally happens when a baby gets pink eye. I asked about how to keep the other 2 from getting it & he said to wash our hands all the time. Off I went to the 24 hr pharmacy to get the medicine.

Wouldn't you know that we wouldn't get away w/ just 1 baby getting it, right? Minutes after waking Ian up for his 8am bottle, the yellow-green gook comes oozing out of his left eye. I called the ped's office again (they are also open weekends). I was hoping they would just call in the drops BUT NOOOOOO...b/c he is only 14w 5d old, he had to be seen so off I went AGAIN to Dr. Worrall (not that it is bad to see him b/c he is a FANTASTIC dr). He walked in the room & did a double take. Then he said he would just write out a script for both Ian & Sofi (in case she also got it we wouldn't have to go back). The good thing about going to the ped's is that the babies get weighed. I have been dying to know how much my little Ianchito weighed for quite some time since he seems quite a bit bigger than what he was. Low & behold he is only 2oz less than Gabi (she was bigger than Ian by almost a whole pound the last time). He weighs in at 11lb 12oz. Not too shabby!

I also got the "unofficial pumping award" as he couldn't believe that the babies are only getting 1 formula bottle a day a piece. Honestly, I am still in awe that I am pumping about 70oz a day. He said he has only met 1 other lady that pumped this long & it was for twins. My goal is to get us to 6 mths. I just rented the pump for another 3 mths so I better not give up before then!

Next week is a big week. I have my local M.O.M. (Moms Of Multiples) meeting on Thursday & then I am giving a presentation to the Marvelous Multiples class at Women's Hospital. I'm really excited about it as I took it when we were expecting. We had a mother of twins come in but I think they really need to see it from a mom of triplets' perspective. I have already planned on making a list of must haves & tips. I'll have to post about it when I get back.

Well, I'm going to finish pumping (my last session for the day until 2:30am) & go to bed. Nighty night!


Sarrah3 said...

Just popping in from JM, I always read your blog! Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you how much I think you rock for breastfeeding and pumping for three babies this long! A total inspiration to others! Hope your little ones eyes feel better soon and you are well!

Brittanie said...

Oh, honey, that sucks that both Gabi and Ian have it, and I really hope that it clears up quickly (and that Sofi doesn't get it!)

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Astrid!
(I too am a loyal follower of your blog!)
I wanted to say that if you put a little breast milk in their eyes it too helps with the pink eye (my mom would do that with us when we were babies!) just a drop or two. Sounds gross but works!!
I too can not believe you have pumped so many bottles for soooo long!! you really are super mom of the year!!
Sarah ( ~*~SARAH~*~ from JM)

Shannon said...

70 oz a day! Whoa! I am trying to visualize it and picturing that it is almost two 40 oz. :o)

I hope the kiddos get over the pink eye quickly.

Surviving Triplets said...

LMAO! Yep, 2 40's is pretty much what I pump. That is funny!