Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 Kids and a Wedding Dress

I'm not sure where I got the idea.
Maybe I saw it somewhere?

Who knows.
What I do know is it had to be done.
I had to get my wedding dress out and get photos of the kids with it.

You know, the ultimate dress up session.
Mommy's wedding dress + triplets + Candace + sunset = PERFECTION.

Isn't this the most gorgeous shot?
I am completely in love with these 3 children.

Gabi is our China doll...such a perfect little face!

Sofi is so vogue...couture for sure.
She LOVES to model.

This little boy is the sweetest...he has stolen my heart!

Ya know I had to get in the shot somehow.
Why not with Daddy's tie around my head!

We had so much fun.
This was by far the best photo shoot we have ever had.
The kids were completely in to it.

Here is the lowdown on the goodies for the shoot...
Eye Candy by Candace "Orange Crush" Mini Session ~
{Orange Crush is the beautiful couch}
~ Girl's bloomer design by Sheelin's Closet, sewn by me ~
~ Boy's white shorts by SIGnature Creations ~
~ Chunky Pearl Necklaces and Headpiece by Stinkin Cute Dollhouse ~
~ Wedding dress, 7 years old ~
~ Daddy's sports coat and tie ~
~ White tank tops from Target ~
~ No shoes or fancy hairdos ~
~ The perfect sunset ~

And that's it folks.
I had to share with you all the wonderful talents that came together
to make this one very special photo shoot.
These photos were used to make a collage that I gave to my hubs
for our SEVENTH wedding anniversary.
He loves it and so do I.

Now, are you going to schedule a photo session
with your kids and your wedding dress?
Hopefully it inspires you!

Hope your Thursday is fabulous!
{I did copy/paste this from the SIGnature Creations blog}



Amanda said...

So very CUTE! Photo sessions like this are the best! Beautiful pictures. These are memories that will last forever.

Astrid said...

Thanks Amanda! You should do this with your girls when they get old enough!!!


Shasta said...

Those pictures are just so adorable! I can't believe how fast they are growing up!

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