Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of Pre-K 4

One more year until Kindergarten.
Last year flew by so I don't expect this year to go slowly.
They have been so excited about starting.

And of course, I got the chalkboard idea from
others that did something similar on their first day.
This chalkboard is going to get a lot of use!

Miss Gabi couldn't wait & is acually in Bridge class
which is an advanced pre-k 4 class.
We are so very proud of her!

Sweet boy Ian and his favorite color "rojo".
Don't try to tell him different!

Precious Sofi all ready to go & so excited!
This gal is going to keep everyone on their toes.
(in a good way, lol)

Sofi made sure they were all "touching".
Mommy always makes them hold hands for at least one photo!

I've got the sweet & the sassy in these 2!

Don't ask me what he was doing but this was "his" pose.

I love watching him jump & catching air!

Hey, no set of photos on an important day can lack the HUG PUDDLE!

Oh, just one more detail about this year.
I am teaching twice a week.
Art on Tuesdays and Spanish on Thursdays.

So I got to have a first day photo too!
Thanks to a kind neighbor that was on a walk.

But before you go, here is one last photo.
The kids 1st day this year on the left and last year on the right.
My how they have changed!

Hope all the families out there had a great first day!


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Angie said...

So cute!!! Glad to see some recent posts! Not sure how you find the time lol!