Friday, August 17, 2012

Our First Family Vacation

It is official.
We survived our first family vacation.
So you understand, the thought of taking our triplets on a
16 hour road trip was less than appealing until this summer.

Why 16 hours?
Because that is how far my parents are away.

In Colorado.
Up in the mountains.
Way, way up.

This is the year we decided to tackle the challenge.
And the kids did beautifully.
Except for the occasional temper tantrum
but that could have happened here at home as well.

I'll be sharing some pics over the next few days.
These are some of my favorite moments.

Daddy and son...together.

My boy trying to be patient and learn how to play Old Maid.

This dog, Happy, was my son's best friend.

Miss Sofi discovering the water.
Actually they call it a "crick".

Ah, horseback riding!
One of my loves.
And my kids were finally introduced.
Gabi was by far our best and most natural rider.

Sofi caught a ride bareback.
{as did Gabi in the photo above this one}

My girls loved riding together!

The photo above truly captures my girls' spirits!

We spent 5 glorious days up in the mountains.
The weather was much cooler than here.
The sleeping was amazing.
The activities throughout the day were fun.

Best of all, no electricity.
No electronic games.
No tv.
No cell phone service.
No iPad.

Nuthin' but sweet nature!

I promise to blog about how we made it work.
Trying to get back in to the swing of blogging at least a few times a month.
It is pathetic the job I have done keeping up until now.

{I did copy/paste this from my SIG blog but will also be adding other info.}


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