Monday, August 11, 2008

2 steps forward, 1 step back

ACK! Rice cereal was a mistake! Not that the kids are suffering...well, ok...they were constipated for 3 days. That isn't fun. Poor Ian was miserable. You could see his little face just wincing when he got little poo cramps. I couldn't imagine! Gabi, although constipated, did not seem to have any problems w/ it & frankly, either would I. Who wants to poo in a diaper anyway? Sofi didn't have any problems what so ever. She's been pooing right along w/ the best of them!

Ok, so I have to share the story. Todd kept on telling the kids they needed to poo. He would give them pep talks & everything. Well, after 3 days, going on the 4th, he got little Ianchito & started to "threaten" him w/ the thermometer up the butt. OUCHIE! He was also trying to teach him how to strain. HAHAHAHA! You should have seen him straining & grunting & then trying to get Ian to imitate him. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen! He kept telling him, "You can do it son! I know you can. Besides, you don't want the thermometer treatment, do you?"

WEEEEELLLLLL...IT WORKED! Yep, Ian pooped right then & there, after almost 4 days of not going, Daddy got him to go. We couldn't believe it! I swear, I wish I had been video taping the damn thing. I'm sure it would have won us a prize. Todd was so proud, having coached his son for the 1st time. What a thing to coach him in!

Some other things that are going on...the kids love to stand up! Sofi wasn't on board until a couple of days ago & now she loves it just as much as the other 2. Also, we are finally successful w/ tummy time. GEEZ! Why didn't anyone say that it was so hard for them? Seriously, you would have thought we were killing them before but now, after little bits here & there (about 3 min in length), they are finally enjoying being on their tummies. Gabi is rolling from front to back, the only 1 of the 3. Personally, I think she will be the 1 that develops 1st in the physical aspects as she was also the 1st to enjoy standing up although I think Sofi will be the 1st to be sitting since she is already pulling herself up. She has also begun to LOVE being under the playmat. All 3 are grabbing & batting at the things that hang down. They have also gotten really good at sitting in the bumbo chair. **A word of advice...get the Bumbos over the Bebe Pods b/c the BBPs are slick & bigger, my trio still can't sit in them but can sit very well in the Bumbos.

Here is Sofi in the Bumbo seat. She loves it!

Ian in the Bumbo & still not too sure about it.

This is the Bebe Pod that I fell in love w/ but is much harder for the kids to stay balanced in.

Just to let you know, it has taken 2 days to get this post together. That is how quickly time goes by. Oh, I also wanted to say that if anyone ever has a question, please feel free to ask in the comments & I will post a reply back to you. Take care!


Kris said...

I remember those early cereal days! It was hard to figure out how much was too much and trying to keep them from getting constipated - UGH!! It will get better!

Melissa said...

I have not left a comment before, but I really enjoy your blog, I check in daily to see if there are any updates. Rice cereal was ok for my trio, but the fun part was when we moved on to the fruits and veggies. It is so much fun to watch them try different flavors and enoy them.

Anonymous said...

Too funny that Todd was coaching Ian on how to poo. :o) I'm glad it all came out okay in the end, LOL.

Kim said...

Prune juice! Landon gets PJ every day because he is constipated all the time. Or you can try oatmeal instead of rice cereal, it is less binding.


txsjewels said...
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Surviving Triplets said...

Jewels ~ I had to strike your to find out why :(

Nic said...

I just had to say that I love your blog and have learned a lot. My trio is almost exactly one month younger than yours so it is nice to see what we are in for. Thanks for taking the time to do it. I don't know where you find the time, but I am glad you do.

Kaplanovs said...


I'm also a visitor to your blog from time to time (, and am impressed every time I check at how you're managing 3 at the same time when I feel like I can barely manage 1 :-)

About the grunting sounds working, I'm not that surprised at all. Look up "Elimination Communication". In very brief, it's the idea that you make a grunting sound or a shhhh sound to cue the baby to go. Ideally, you do this whenever the baby signals it's going to have to go, and you never need diapers. It isn't quite that way for us, but closer and closer every day! Anyways, just wanted to say there might be an explanation!!

Best of luck with all 3 of your bundles of joy!


Cindy (and Brian) said...

I changed from rice cereal to single grain oatmeal because the rice cereal was like glue in their intestines. It was a huge difference AND I think the oatmeal tastes better! I just mix it with fruit puree for breakfast and they love it!
Your kids are beautiful!

Sophia (Torres) Basaldua said...

Astrid - I can't believe you have three bundles of joy! My daughter is 15 months and I can just imagine the work you have with three. I would love to hear from you...I am in Houston as well.